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Electronic H-brake on our XF jammed on whilst on holiday. Call to E and E describing my plight was answered by friendly voice with completely 'can do' and positive attitude. None of the usual 'we won't be able to look at it for 3 days' and I was told that if I could get the vehicle to them they would investigate the problem. We duly arrived with car on the back of a lorry and met with an extremely proficient, friendly and welcoming team. Within the hour we were on our way, with a temporary fix until we got home. Fantastic service - we couldn't be more pleased. Big THANK YOU to all of you. Just wish we could find someone like you nearer home! Mr @ Mrs Bowden
Derek Bowden - 15/07/201

I originally took my XF-R to a local dealership about my reverse camera and sensors not working, they identified the issue but also highlighted some other issues which would have been very expensive to resolve. I went to E & E as a second opinion who resolved the rear camera problem for half the price of the dealership and also did not find fault with areas the dealership had mentioned. I was so impressed with their service and honesty about the car I have since been back for the cars service as well as brakes and disc replacements and would not go anywhere else. A great friendly and knowledgeable team, extremely professional and very open and honest about what needs doing to the vehicle before undertaking any work. Cant recommend them enough.
Dave Bradley - 26/06/2019

The only people I will use they are help full and they know what they are talking about the prices against main dealers are very good and at least six of my mates take there cars there try them you wont be sorry they will look after you and your jaguar
Larry Walden - 20/05/2019

Have been to E&E services twice now,very well looked after, very friendly staff , will use from now on. Highly recommended !
Kevin Whitehead - 27/07/2017

I recently had my 2003 XJR serviced at E&E for the second time. Everything was good. They correctly diagnosed an intermittent noise, and an electrical fault within 1 minute (literally), both problems could have taken hours to diagnose without the expert knowledge and experience of the staff. Decent value too.
Steven Derrick - 03/08/2016

My first time using E&E Services I was impressed with the efficient friendly and fast service I received. They replaced Front brake pads while I waited all at what I thought was a reasonable cost.I will certainly use them again.
David Franklin - 30/03/2016

I've used E&E for several years now, with a variety of lovely jaguars - and their friendliness, knowledge and professionalism has never failed to impress me. Charges are always low, standards are always high. Highly recommended!
Richard McCann - 05/08/2015

Very professional, reasonable rates, great people and honest. I have used E & E since 2008 and I remain a happy customer.
Allan Jones - 29/06/2015

one word "professional"
Glen Plant - 20/03/2015

My first time using E&E Services and must say that I was impressed with the efficient and fast service I recieved. They replaced Front brake pads and Discs while I waited all at what I thought was a reasonable cost. Would certainly use them again.
Ian Steele - 05/03/2015

I have a 2002 Jaguar X Type 4X4 which I recently purchased which I love so was a little concerned when the engine management light came on thinking here we go now the big bills will start .I took it to one of these Auto Centres who did a diagnostic check and said 11 faults were showing and did not have any idea what the cause was ,suggested I take it to a main dealer a friend said he had seen advert in Jaguar Mag for E&E in MK so off I went to see them within 20 minutes they had found the fault and repaired it. and made us a coffee while we waited. Will be using them again and will be recommending them to other Jag drivers. Keep the good work up gentlemen Alan Tighe Buckingham
Alan Tighe - 30/09/2014

I recently bought a XKR 4.2 supercharged on normal journeys is ran well, as soon as I was in traffic or a queue the temperature started to rise and on a couple of occasions she started to boil , so in she went to E.E. Services without knowing them at all, and not sure what I was expecting, but certainly not a very honest and genuine garage saying a simple connector had come apart, and the charge was under £40, so yes I fully recommend this garage,
Ken Goodwin - 13/05/2014

i have used this company fore the last 4 years and would recommend them to any jaguar owner always honest and helpful giving me a courtesy car if needed another jaguar x type . also i live 30 miles away and am willing to travel to get my car looked after properly thanks for a great service by bob fowler 22/02/2014
Robert Fowler - 22/02/2014

First time I have used E & E and it was for quite an awkward job that the main dealer had quoted £1300 + for. The fault was fixed for less than half this amount by E & E, the service was good , the people friendly and helpful and I very much doubt that my X type will ever visit the main dealer again. Very happy to have found these guys, affordable Jaguar repairs at last, brilliant.
Sharon Connors - 28/11/2013

I have found E&E to provide an excellent service for my X type. 1. Great value 2. Can talk directly to the people working on the car ( unlike most main dealers) 3. Easy to contact and book 4. Know their stuff and real Jaguar enthusiasts 5. Confident they are giving direct, fait and honest recommendations. Example: main dealer quoted £1,600 to replace faulty jets. They reprogrammed for £37 and it worked!
Mike Kearney - 27/03/2013

I have known Mark & David for some years & they have looked after all of my cars & I would not look elsewhere. They always carry out a good job & have picked up,dropped off & even supplied me & my partner with courtesy cars. I would & have recommended them to friends & family & know that they will treat them with the same friendly way they do to me. Mark & David really are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable & above all else HONEST.
Andrew Jolly - 11/02/2013

Dave & Mark and the guys at E&E have looked after my cars for nearly 4 years now and I would recommend them to anyone whether you drive a Jaguar or not(they also look after my old Nissan Primera) I have found the service from E&E second to none, which can't be said for the main dealer that used to look after my previous Jaguars. They always have time for you and you have personal service. All this and you will save a fortune from the Main dealer charges.
David Freeman - 09/02/2013

I can confidently recommend E & E Jaguar Specialists in Milton Keynes for their reliable, fast and efficient service, which is always reasonably priced. The staff there are friendly, reliable and above all honest. This company know their Jaguars which must make them an obvious choice if you are looking for a personal service by people who will treat you and you car with all the care you deserve.
Eddie Halling - 09/02/2013

After taking my jaguar xj diesel to our local main dealer, I was shocked by the cost and amount of work required so a college recommended I visit e and e services for a second opinion. They carried out a health check on my car to find that some of the work reported at the dealer was not needed (brake pads and discs) and some other work required only needed bushes replacing and not complete suspension arms. All in all a very good service and i saved myself a small fortune. Highly recommended.
Keith Soper - 17/12/2012

I have had my SType Jaguar maintained and repaired at E&E for about 2 years.The owners and staff are unfailingly friendly and extremely skilled the car is always ready on time and is washed ,If you need a replacement car this is always a Jaguar and is clean and well maintained. The charges are always honest and fair.
Alan Waterworth - 04/10/2012